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  1. All the Angry People

    George Packer • New Yorker

    Portraits of the 99 percent.

  2. Why Obama Hasn't Fulfilled His Promise to Close Guantanamo

    Peter Finn and Anne E. Kornblut • Washington Post

    The anatomy of a non-decision.

  3. The Great Wisconsin Solidarity Experiment

    Natasha Vargas-Cooper • Slake

    On the ground for the protests in Madison.

  4. On the Ropes With Herman Cain

    T.A. Frank • New York Times Magazine

    The candidate for whom the usual rules did not apply.

  5. Lula’s Brazil

    Perry Anderson • London Review of Books

    A profile of former Brazilian president Luiz Inácio da Silva.

  6. What I Learned in Two Years at the Tea Party

    Abe Sauer • The Awl

    Lesson one: the goal is a Christian nation.

  7. Basta Bunga Bunga

    Ariel Levy • New Yorker

    Silvio Berlusconi, just before the end.

  8. Meltdown

    Gennady Burbulis with Michele A. Berdy • Foreign Policy

    Boris Yeltsin’s right-hand man tells the story of the 1991 coup that ended glasnost.

  9. The Fall of the Nassau Republican Machine and the Rise of Homeland Security Chair Peter King

    Steve Kornacki • Capital New York

    On 30 years of Long Island politics.

  10. The Elephant in the Green Room

    Gabriel Sherman • New York

    On Roger Ailes's Fox News and what it means for 2012.

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