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  1. The Greatest Paper That Ever Died

    Alex French and Howie Kahn • Grantland

    An oral history of The National Sports Daily.

  2. Hack Work

    Anthony Lane • New Yorker

    Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid culture runs amok.

  3. The Glory of Oprah

    Caitlin Flanagan • The Atlantic

    Oprah Winfrey’s enduring appeal.

  4. Inside Al Jazeera

    Michael Paterniti • GQ

    A revolutionary year, from behind the camera.

  5. The Adventures of Maer Roshan, Editorial Boy Wonder

    Aaron Gell • New York Observer

    A New York media star returns.

  6. AOL Hell

    Oliver Miller • The Faster Times

    The surreal existence of an AOL content writer.

  7. The Man Who Spilled the Secrets

    Sarah Ellison • Vanity Fair

    Julian Assange’s relationship with The Guardian and The Times.

  8. Magicland

    Laurie Winer • LA Review of Books

    The oeuvre of Glenn Beck.

  9. Confidence Game

    Dean Starkman • Columbia Journalism Review

    Questioning journalism's conventional new wisdom.

  10. North Korea’s Digital Underground

    Robert S. Boynton • The Atlantic

    Citizen journalism in a land of censorship.

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