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  1. A Murder Foretold

    David Grann • New Yorker

    Unravelling a political conspiracy in Guatemala.

  2. Watching the Murder of an Innocent Man

    Barry Bearak • New York Times Magazine

    Bearing witness to mob violence in Johannesburg.

  3. The Incredible Story of the Collar Bomb Heist

    Rich Schapiro • Wired

    A bank robbery gone horrible.

  4. The Lost Boys

    Skip Hollandsworth • Texas Monthly

    The 1970s killer still haunting a Houston neighborhood.

  5. A Serial Killer in Common

    Robert Kolker • New York

    The aftermath on Long Island.

  6. Spectacle

    Ben Montgomery • St. Petersburg Times

    A 1934 lynching and the Florida town that covered it up.

  7. The Neverending Nightmare of Amanda Knox

    Nathaniel Rich • Rolling Stone

    The most sensational murder in the history of study abroad.

  8. The Survivor

    Ryan D’Agostino • Esquire

    Life after your family is taken.

  9. The Lazarus File

    Matthew McGough • The Atlantic

    After two decades, a cold case heats up in Los Angeles.

  10. The Bravest Woman in Seattle

    Eli Sanders • The Stranger

    The victim of a brutal crime takes the witness stand.

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