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Arts & Culture
  1. The Movie Set That Ate Itself

    Michael Idov • GQ

    Inside one of the wildest experiments in film history.

  2. Whatever Happened to Alternative Nation? Part 9: 1998: You’re Either with Korn and Limp Bizkit, or You’re Against Them

    Steven Hyden • The Onion A.V. Club

    The birth of nu-metal.

  3. And I Should Know

    Roseanne • New York

    Losing perspective while winning in Hollywood.

  4. Killing Orson Welles at Midnight

    Zadie Smith • New York Review of Books

    On Christian Marclay’s film The Clock.

  5. Interview: R. Kelly

    Will Oldham • Interview

    A conversation between Will Oldham and R. Kelly.

  6. Very Deep in America

    Lorrie Moore • New York Review of Books

    Friday Night Lights as book, film, and TV show.

  7. The Schleppers: Stale Gags & Stale Food in Mid-Century Manhattan

    Kliph Nesteroff • WFMU

    The pioneers of modern stand-up.

  8. The Day the Movies Died

    Mark Harris • GQ

    How Hollywood became a factory for sequels and comic book adaptations.

  9. When Reality-TV Fame Runs Dry

    Kate Arthur • The Daily Beast

    The post-Hills life of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag.

  10. And...Scene.

    Brian Raftery • New York

    An oral history of the Upright Citizens Brigade.

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