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  1. Occasional Dispatches from the Republic of Anhedonia

    Colson Whitehead • Grantland

    Live from the World Series of Poker.

  2. You Blow My Mind. Hey, Mickey!

    John Jeremiah Sullivan • New York Times Magazine

    A trip to Disney World with kids and weed.

  3. Schemes of My Father

    Eric Puchner • GQ

    A move to Southern California and a botched reinvention.

  4. Paper Tigers

    Wesley Yang • New York

    Asian-American overachievers as adults.

  5. I’m Gonna Need You to Fight Me on This

    Mac McClelland • GOOD

    How violent sex helped ease her PTSD.

  6. My Summer at an Indian Call Center

    Andrew Marantz • Mother Jones

    Learning to speak a foreign language.

  7. Sniffing Glue

    Meghan O’Gieblyn • Guernica

    A childhood in Christian pop.

  8. The Age of Mechanical Reproduction

    Paul Ford • The Morning News

    A pregnancy attempted.

  9. Fading the Vig

    Dave Hill • McSweeney's

    Adventures in gambling.

    Part 1: $100 to Win on Miami Ghost in the 2nd at Saratoga
    Part 2: $50 Under 11.5 Rounds Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Victor Ortiz
    Part 3: $5 Chess Game, Best-of-Three, Zuccotti Park
    Part 4: $100 Hand of Blackjack, Foxwoods Casino
  10. Confessions of a Former Adolescent Puck Tease

    Katie Baker • Deadspin

    Hockey message board memories.

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