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  1. This Tech Bubble Is Different

    Ashlee Vance • Businessweek

    The big problem with today's big ideas.

  2. When Patents Attack!

    Alex Blumberg and Laura Sydell • Planet Money

    The twisted, litigious world of software patents.

  3. The Social Graph Is Neither

    Maciej Ceglowski • Pinboard Blog

    Why our urge to document the nodes of friendship is doomed.

  4. Hackerville, Romania

    Yudhijit Bhattacharjee • Wired

    How a remote Romanian town became a hotbed of cybercrime.

  5. Inside Google's Age of Augmented Humanity

    Wade Roush • Xconomy

    The next frontier of search: everything.

  6. A Memory of Webs Past

    Ariel Bleicher • IEEE Spectrum

    The challenges facing historians of the internet.

  7. How Google Dominates Us

    James Gleick • New York Review of Books

    On human impulse as product.

  8. A Woman's Place

    Ken Auletta • New Yorker

    A profile of Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg.

  9. The Local-Global Flip

    Jaron Lanier • Edge

    On the dystopian byproducts of mass computing.

  10. The Facebooks of China

    April Rabkin • Fast Company

    Social networking along the Great Firewall.

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